An independent and impartial Committee has been appointed to provide oversight of the Scheme Rules and may propose changes to the Scheme Rules to help better facilitate achievement of Heat Trust’s objectives. The members of the Committee are drawn from a wide range of stakeholder organisations including: heat suppliers, consumer representatives, registered providers and industry stakeholders.

The role of the Committee is to oversee the adoption, maintenance and updating of the Scheme Rules.

Committee members act in their own capacity.

The current Heat Trust committee members are:

  • Anna Eager (Urban Life Consultants)
  • Zoe Guijjaro (Citizens Advice)
  • Victoria Keen (Watkins)
  • Lily Frencham (The Association for Decentralised Energy)
  • Jamie Stewart (Citizens Advice Scotland)
  • Ed Weightman (Pennington-Manches)
  • Rebecca Robbins (Renewable Energy Consumer Code)
  • Fiona McDonald (Switch 2)
  • Paul McIver (Engie)
  • Sarah Diver (Bristol Energy)
  • Representative from Scottish Government
  • Representative from BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy)