This page contains Heat Trust's responses to consultations about heat networks regulation, published in reverse date order.

As plans for formal statutory regulation are still in the early stages, more responses will be added over time as government and Ofgem policy develops.

DESNZ Consultation on Proposals for Heat Network Zoning

Response submitted: 26/02/24

  • Heat networks have a key role to play in decarbonising heating.
  • But growth in district heating can only happen if the consumer experience improves.
  • Residents as end consumers must have a say in decisions to connect their building to a Zone's heat network.
  • Mandated connections to a heat network for residential buildings within Zones must not expose residents to high costs.

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DESNZ and Ofgem Consultation on Heat Networks Regulation: Consumer Protection

Response submitted: 12/10/23

  • We welcome this important consultation, having long advocated for statutory regulation of heat networks.
  • The 900,000 heat network consumers in Great Britain will judge regulation to have failed if it does not deliver cheaper, fairer and more reliable heating systems that are fit for the future.
  • Consumers must be able to have confidence in heat networks, if these networks are to help decarbonise heat through the government’s target of serving 20% of homes by 2050.
  • We’re delighted that the proposed statutory protections build on our best practice standards as set through our voluntary consumer-protection scheme.
  • As a voluntary scheme, we cannot regulate price or technical standards and so it’s crucial that regulation addresses the root causes of consumer detriment in these areas.
  • Regulation must include informed, timely and targeted enforcement action where standards aren't met.
  • As experts in heat network consumer protection, Heat Trust is committed to continuing its work with government and Ofgem to establish a more trusted and regulated sector.

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DESNZ Call for Evidence on Domestic Consumers with Non-Domestic Energy Supply Contracts

Response submitted: 08/09/23

  • We welcome the opportunity to provide evidence on the issue of domestic consumers who are reliant on non-domestic energy supply contracts, as this includes all heat network consumers.
  • We believe that the current arrangements result in an inequity of treatment of such consumers and are not fit for purpose. Most heat networks are still currently fuelled by gas, which operators buy on the commercial market at uncapped prices. Unlike gas and electricity supply, heat networks are monopoly services whose consumers cannot switch supplier. Since the start of the recent energy crisis, heat network consumers have been (and continue to be) exposed to extremely high and volatile price increases.
  • We call on government to put in place protections to ensure that consumers do not face an unaffordable price premium for being on a heat network and are supported both during and beyond this coming Winter.

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