Open modifications being consulted upon
A consultation on proposed changes to Heat Trust's standards relating to guaranteed standards of service and the compensation payments (GSP) that are made to customers when these standards are not met is now open. The consultation document which explains these proposals and sets out the consultation questions can be found HERE. The associated modification proposals are:

Please click on the titles of the modifications above to be taken to the modifcation proposals. Please respond to the consultation on as many of the modifications as are relevant to you by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 12pm Tuesday 28th March 2023. Responses from all interested parties are welcome. Please clearly indicate whether your would like your responses to remain anonymous or not.


Modifications being revisited
The below modifications are being progressed in the summber of 2022:


Modifications which were not approved

MOD010 - MOD012 - Modifications to the Scheme Rules relating to vulnerable customers  
The first stage of strategic Scheme Rules Review related to customers in vulnerable situations. Some modification proposals were approved and can be found in Scheme Modifications. The modification proposals which were not approved can be found below:

Updating Scheme Rules relating to metering, billing and GSP
The second stage of strategic Scheme Rules review related to metering, billing and Guaranteed Service Payments was undertaken in 2021. Most of the metering and billing related modifications have now been implemented and can be found on the Scheme Modifications page. Some related to Guaranteed Service Payments are not progressing, as they were replaced by others suggested by a series of Roundtables in the summer of 2022, see above modification proposals 023 to 028.