The Scheme Annual Fee for a Heat Trust Registered Participant is calculated by multiplying the Connection Value by the number of Heat Customer Connections that the Registered Participant has at each of its Registered Sites. 

From 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025, our Heat Trust fees (excluding VAT) are:

  •      Site Registration Fee: £100 (one-off, on initial registration)
  •      Connection Value: £3.75 per Heat Customer Connection (domestic or micro-business)

These fees are unchanged from 2023-24.

Additional fees that may apply

Heat Trust's Registered Participants must compensate their consumers where interruptions to their heat supply don't meet our minimum performance standards.

These Guaranteed Service Payment (GSP) amounts are given in our Scheme Rules as "(Indexed)", meaning that they are October 2015 prices (from when the Scheme launched) and must be uprated for inflation.

Since 1 April 2023, the GSP amounts are uprated and fixed once a year by Heat Trust. You can find the indexed figures for this year and previous years here.

Heat Trust's Registered Participants must also pay case-handling fees to the Energy Ombudsman for any customer complaints that are duly made and accepted by the Ombudsman for consideration.

Complaints which complete through the Energy Ombudsman's Facilitated Complaint Response process have a fee of £170, and full cases have a fee of £400. Note that these fees are separate to any financial compensation award that the Energy Ombudsman may require Registered Participants to make to customers for upheld complaints.

Under the terms of Heat Trust's Supply of Service Agreement with the Energy Ombudsman, with which the Energy Ombudsman's Terms of Reference require Registered Participants to comply, Registered Participants must not recoup Energy Ombudsman complaint fees from customers regardless of whether the complaint is upheld. Registered Participants can find a copy of the Supply of Service Agreement in the Members Area of our website.