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Heat Trust has developed a Heat Cost Calculator that enables a heat network consumer to get an indication of the annual heating and hot water cost for a similar-sized home if it had an individual gas boiler.

The Heat Cost Calculator has been developed specifically for use by domestic (residential) heat network consumers only.

It will be most relevant to new build properties that are heat-metered. The results are for information purposes only and it will not provide a bespoke assessment for your particular situation.

To accompany the Heat Cost Calculator, we've developed an accompanying customer information sheet to explain the difference between heating and hot water costs associated with a gas boiler compared to a heat network. The Heat Cost Calculator assumes that the heat supplier is responsible not just for the supply of heat and the operation and maintenance of the network – but also for the maintenance of equipment within the consumer's home for the lifetime of the network, including the home's Heat Interface Unit (HIU).

Consumers should note that contractual terms vary from heat network to heat network. What is and isn't covered in your heat charges will vary on a case by case basis. The results returned by this calculator should therefore be read alongside the terms and conditions of supply for the relevant heat network.

We've also prepared a set of frequently asked questions and all the background assumptions are available in a further information document. Please use the menu links to access each of these.

July 2023 UPDATE - GAS PRICE ASSUMPTION:  The Heat Cost Calculator tool has now reverted to using the Ofgem price cap rates for domestic gas, as from 1 July 2023 these are lower than the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) regional unit rates that applied previously.

We're considering whether to develop the Heat Cost Calculator further at a future date, to provide a comparison against electric heating. We sought views on this in May - July 2019 and specifically on the formulas that could be used. See our Electric Heat Cost Calculator consultationand Electric Heat Cost Calculator responses.