Please note: The Heat Cost Calculator has been developed specifically for use by residential customers only. It is for information purposes only and does not provide a bespoke assessment. It is not intended to show whether or not your heat price is fair.

If you have any questions about your heat charge, please contact your supplier directly.

Before using the Heat Cost Calculator, please read the information sheet here. This information sheet provides an explanation on the costs that are included in the Heat Cost Calculator. It also explains that for tenants, some costs may be paid in different bills. Please read the customer information sheet first. 

For procurers of district heating, please read our notice of use.

For details on the background assumptions and data sources used by the Heat Cost Calculator, please see the further information document.

Your feedback is important to us. To help improve the Heat Cost Calculator, we would welcome your feedback on the calculator using the following Survey Monkey form

How to use the Heat Cost Calculator 

To use the Heat Cost Calculator, you will need to know your postcode, the number of bedrooms in your home and the cost of your annual heat bill. It would also be helpful if to know how much heat you use per year in kWh. This is not essential for the tool to work, but it will improve the accuracy of the result if this information is provided. If you do not have this information, the Calculator will use an estimate.

The Heat Cost Calculator will provide two results for the total cost of heating a home, including repair and maintenance: one for a property on a district heating network and the other for a property with an individual gas boiler.

Tip: hover over the orange 'i' icons for more information on each field.