All modifications to the Heat Trust Scheme are progressed in accordance with Section 17 of the Scheme Bye-Laws.

If you would like to submit a proposal to modify the Heat Trust Scheme, please complete our Modification Proposal form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For open modifications please see here. For consultations on potential, current or past modifications see here.

All of these modifications have been approved and implemented.

For more information on a specific modification, click on its title to view its full report.

  • MOD029: Change of Ombudsan Services name to Energy Ombudsman

  • MOD022: Audit process and information requests

  • MOD021: Reducing the minimum consultation period for modifications

  • MOD020a: Indexation of minimum Guaranteed Service Payment (GSP) amounts

  • MOD017: Metering and billing clarifications

  • MOD014: Meter reading with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

  • MOD013: Treating customers fairly

  • MOD010: Support for customers on pre-payment meters

  • MOD009: Introducing additional Ability to Pay Principles

  • MOD008: Supply alternative heating for vulnerable customers during unplanned interruptions that last over 12 hours

  • MOD007: Changes to definitions relating to customer vulnerability

  • MOD006: Taking meter readings for customers who can't themselves

  • MOD005: COVID relief from 5-year audit deadline

  • MOD004: Addition of debt reporting, reconnection, customers on PSR and amount of GSP and removal of connection postcode in Section 20 of Scheme Rules

  • MOD003: Proposal to Scheme Rules in order to allow heat networks that do not use individual Heat Energy Supply Agreements to apply to register with Heat Trust, provided that clear terms of service are provided within a separate document, such as a Customer Charter, which would form part of the collective Heat Customer Supply Arrangements

  • MOD002: Proposal to standardise fault response times across seasons

  • MOD001: Amend timeframe of refunds to 10 business days from calendar days 

These modifications have been rejected. 

For more information on a specific modification, click on its title to view its full report.

  • MOD020: Guaranteed Service Payment Amounts (replaced by MOD020a - see Approved modifications above)

  • MOD012: Available methods of payment

  • MOD011: Breaking down standing charges (replaced by guidance here)