2022/23 Financial Year

From the 1st April 2022 the Heat Trust site registration fee and annual fee (excluding VAT) will be:

     Site Registration Fee: £100.00 (one-off, on initial registration)

     Scheme Annual Fee: £3.95 per customer (domestic or micro-business) connection

Total Scheme Annual Fee will be calculated by multiplying the scheme annual fee by the number of heat customer connections at each registered site.


If you have any complaints taken to and accepted by the Ombudsman, then additional fees may apply. Complaints which complete through their Facilitated Complaint Response process have a fee of £170, and full cases have a fee of £400. For more details on the Ombudsman please see our FAQs on complaints and the Ombudsman, or visit the Ombudsman's website and terms of reference for what complaints can be accepted.  

Heat suppliers are required to apply to register each heat network individually. The application process requires the applicant to provide robust evidence that they have policies in place that meet Heat Trust standards. All applicants should carefully read the Scheme Rules and Scheme Bye-Laws before applying, then complete the membership pack. This comprises the following documents;

Please watch this tutorial video of the application process and what we're looking for from each document.

Once we receive your application form we will be in touch regarding the next steps and timescales. When completing your application please make sure you attach all evidence that demonstrates that you fulfil the requirements set out in the Scheme Rules and Scheme Bye-Laws.

Please note that completion of the online application form does not constitute acceptance of your company into membership of Heat Trust. Your company, its employees and anyone acting on your behalf are not entitled to use the Heat Trust logo or claim membership of the Heat Trust Scheme until you have received a Scheme Membership Certificate. If your application is successful, details of your membership will be communicated by email.

You are required to complete a separate application form for each individual site you wish to register with Heat Trust.

If you have any queries regarding your application, the application process or if you are unsure about whether you meet the requirements This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would be happy to help.


Each application will be considered on its merits, taking into account individual processes. Prospective members should recognise that the Heat Trust Scheme is a customer protection and service standard assurance mechanism on which customers connected to heat networks can be satisfied in the quality of service they receive from their Supplier.

The application is a self-assessment requiring applicants to make declarations that they adhere to Heat Trust’s standards. Accompanying evidence is required to be submitted with the application which is reviewed to ensure that processes are in place to meet the Heat Trust standards. Applicants that do not meet the criteria for membership will have the outstanding areas highlighted and registration will take place only when those gaps are addressed. We can discuss any gaps to help clarify what evidence is required.

Please be aware that providing any false or misleading information in any part of the application process is a disciplinary matter, which may result in your application being rejected, or expulsion from the Heat Trust Scheme.

The Committee may also review a number of applications per year.

General Details

The application form asks for details about your company and site that you wish to register with Heat Trust. It also asks for details about the number and type of connections on the site, as well as how customers pay for their heat.

Self-Assessment Compliance Check

The compliance check part of the application asks you to confirm that your company complies and agrees to continue to comply with the Scheme Rules, Bye-Laws and any issued Guidelines. Before you can complete this section you should read the relevant documents and prepare evidence that demonstrates your compliance with the obligations set out under the Heat Trust Scheme.


During the application process you will also be asked to make a number of very important declarations. It is essential that you make these declarations truthfully, and that you inform us if any relevant circumstances should change.

Accompanying evidence

Please use the evidence matrix, which sets out each of the Scheme Rules, to point us to which document you have provided to demonstrate compliant practices with that Scheme Rule. We strongly recommend you have a copy of the Scheme Rules open when completing this, as it will guide you to what we will be checking against.

After your application is submitted

After you submit your application form, with all associated documentation, the Scheme Administrator will review it and determine if it has been duly completed. Where information is missing or inaccurately completed we will return the application to you indicating what more we need to make an assessment of eligibility. We may request further information from you where it is required to enable a proper assessment of the application.

We will seek to review your application form and supporting documentation in a timely manner. 

Where your site is determined to be compliant with the requirements of the Scheme we will send you a participation offer that will comprise of an accession agreement, fee invoice and deed poll for the Ombudsman.
Once we have received signed copies of the accession agreement and deed poll, and payment of the applicable fees we will process the registration of your site as a member of Heat Trust.

Upon registration your site will be listed on the Heat Trust website and you will receive a membership certificate, the Heat Trust mark and the scheme information sheet for inclusion in your customer information packs.

Further questions

For further queries about applying for Heat Trust membership please contact the Scheme Administrator, and we will be happy to help.

An independent and impartial Committee has been appointed to provide oversight of the Scheme Rules and may propose changes to the Scheme Rules to help better facilitate achievement of Heat Trust’s objectives. The members of the Committee are drawn from a wide range of stakeholder organisations including: heat suppliers, consumer representatives, registered providers and industry stakeholders.

The role of the Committee is to oversee the adoption, maintenance and updating of the Scheme Rules.

Committee members act in their own capacity.

The current Heat Trust committee members are:


  • Karen McArthur (chair)
  • Sarah Diver (Adjuvo Ltd)
  • Kieran Sinclair (The Association for Decentralised Energy)
  • Emma Ashcroft (Carbon Trust)
  • Cara Holmes (Citizens Advice)
  • Stephanie Millar (Citizens Advice Scotland)
  • Alistair Hill (Consumer Scotland)
  • Charlotte Owen (Danish Embassy)
  • Stephen Webber (Energetik)
  • Rebecca Robbins (Renewable Energy Consumer Code)
  • Christine Tate (Scope)
  • Ed Weightman (Severn Trent)
  • Rochelle Dickson (SSE)


  • Lorenzo Wong (BEIS (UK Government Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy))
  • Dennis Berg (Ofgem)
  • Malcolm Rose (Scottish Government)
  • Anna Eagar (Urban Life Consultants)

Thousands of heat customers can soon expect to be protected by a new industry initiative, marking an important step forward for the maturing district heating sector.

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