Heat Trust has developed a Heat Cost Calculator that allows a customer to gain an indication of the annual heating and hot water cost for a similar-sized property if it had a modern gas boiler.

It has been developed specifically for use by residential customers only.

It will be most relevant to new build properties that are heat-metered. The results are for information purposes only and it will not provide a bespoke assessment for your particular situation.

To accompany the Heat Cost Calculator, we have developed an accompanying customer information sheet to explain the difference between heating and hot water costs associated with a gas boiler compared to district heating. The Heat Cost Calculator assumes that the supplier is not only responsible for the supply of heat and the operation of maintenance of the network – but also the maintenance of equipment within the customer premises for the lifetime of the network, including the Heat Interface Unit. Customers should note that contractual terms vary from heat network to heat network. What is and what is not covered in your heat charges will vary on a case by case basis. The results returned by this calculator should therefore be read alongside the terms and conditions of supply for the relevant heat network. A suite of frequently asked questions has also been prepared and all the background assumptions are available in a further information document. Please use the links to the tabs on the left to access each of these documents.

We are looking to develop the Heat Cost Calculator further to provide a comparison against electric heating at a future date. We undertook a consultation seeking views on this in May - July 2019, specifically seeking feedback on the formulas that could be used.

Please click this link to be taken to the consultation document: Electric Heat Cost Calculator consultation 

Please click this link to read the responses: Electric Heat Cost Calculator responses

23rd June 2022 UPDATE - GAS PRICE ASSUMPTION:  The Heat Cost Calculator tool now uses Ofgem's price capped rate for domestic gas as the best model of a typical domestic gas price - the direct debit rate of the domestic default tariff price cap for gas set for each region. Almost all standard variable tariffs are currently set at the capped level and over 80% of consumers are now estimated to be on such tariffs.

We previously used the average (mean) of all available domestic direct debit gas tariffs, including both standard variable tariffs and fixed-term (uncapped) tariffs. However, in current market conditions, the inclusion of ‘fix-term’ tariffs at extremely high unit rates (which few customers are likely to choose) was unduly increasing the assumed ‘typical’ gas price.

Heat Trust protects you so you can enjoy the benefits of a reliable and sustainable heat network that works for you and keeps you comfortable.

Download our factsheet for a summary about how Heat Trust works.

See our list and map of all heat network sites registered with Heat Trust so far. 

As an independent consumer champion, funded by the industry, Heat Trust is here for your protection. We do this in three key ways:

Customer TimelineSetting the standard

We set the minimum standards of service and customer care you should expect from your supplier to ensure you get a fair, transparent and good value service. Every heat network registered with Heat Trust is monitored and independently audited to check that it is following the rules.

Empowering customers

We can help you understand your rights as a heat network customer and what you should expect from your heating supplier in this new, unregulated market. This means you have the same customer protection you would get from more conventional energy suppliers for gas or electricity. This includes support for consumers in vulnerable circumstances, responding to faults and emergencies, guaranteed service payments for interruptions in supply, metering and billing and complaints handling.

Ensuring fair treatment

We make sure you are treated fairly and your concerns are listened to if you’re not satisfied with your heat network. If something goes wrong, we can help you take control and do something about it, pointing you in the right direction to find the right person to deal with your issue so you don’t waste your time. If necessary, you can access an independent Ombudsman service designed specifically for heat networks.

For more detailed information on the Heat Trust standards and a copy of the Scheme Rules and Bye-laws, please see ‘Our Standards’ section of the website.

Customers on heat networks registered with Heat Trust are able to access the Energy Ombudsman if they have a complaint and remain unhappy with how their heat supplier has managed their complaint. More information on complaints can be found here.

  1. If you are considering moving into a property on a heat network, please click here for some things to consider and suggested questions to ask.
  2. If you are a customer on a heat network that IS registered with Heat Trust (check here to see the list of registered sites), click here for what you can expect from your supplier.
  3. If you are a customer on a heat network that is NOT resgistered with Heat Trust, please see here for some information on existing protections which could apply to you.

Heat Trust has developed a customer Heat Cost Calculator. This tool allows customers served by a heat network to obtain an indication of the cost of heating and hot water with an alternative heating system. The Heat Cost Calculator can be found here

Heat Trust also has a Resources section, with information on topics like what is a heat network and what are the kinds of heat sources that might be used, to how heat networks relate to climate change, a history of heating in the UK, key reports and government documents about heat networks, what the future of heat network regulation might look like and key statistics/graphs from our annual reports.

This section of the website contains resources we have developed to assist our members.

As a Member of Heat Trust you can access the following resources here:

  • Heat Trust logo and certification marks for use on your website or printed materials, and guidance on their use
  • Reporting and monitoring documentation
  • Scheme information sheets for inclusion in your Heat customer Information Pack

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We are always happy to hear your views and to receive your suggestions for additional resources and services you would find useful.


If you would like to submit a proposal for modification of the Scheme as set out in paragraph 17 of the Scheme Bye Laws please submit your proposal in writing to the Scheme Administrator by completing a modification proposal form.

2022/23 Financial Year

From the 1st April 2022 the Heat Trust site registration fee and annual fee (excluding VAT) will be:

     Site Registration Fee: £100.00 (one-off, on initial registration)

     Scheme Annual Fee: £3.95 per customer (domestic or micro-business) connection

Total Scheme Annual Fee will be calculated by multiplying the scheme annual fee by the number of heat customer connections at each registered site.


If you have any complaints taken to and accepted by the Ombudsman, then additional fees may apply. Complaints which complete through their Facilitated Complaint Response process have a fee of £170, and full cases have a fee of £400. For more details on the Ombudsman please see our FAQs on complaints and the Ombudsman, or visit the Ombudsman's website and terms of reference for what complaints can be accepted.