The introduction of statutory regulation will be the largest change in the sector for many years.  This will provide opportunities and risks for all parties involved in the sector.  BEIS are developing the proposals now and Heat Trust is working closely with them to share our experience of providing customer protection standards for the sector. 

It is vital that the industry understands and prepares for the changes that are coming.  In this regard, Heat Trust is partnering with Cornwall Insight to host a series of free webinars over the coming months designed to help you get the insight you need to make sense of the changes and how they will impact heat networks and the experiences of for customers.  These webinars will cover all the relevant issues under consideration, including regulatory design, compliance, costs, technical standards, investment perspectives, legal considerations, international examples and links with other policy initiatives in the space. 

Previous webinars

The links to webinars that have already taken place in this series can be found below:

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International approaches

Upcoming webinars

The link to register for the next webinar can be found below:

8 Links with wider energy policy - August date TBC

9 The legal perspective - September date TBC

10 Innovation - October date TBC